The art of true romance is keeping the spark alive. It means making time for each other. And in the hectic world in which we live, that is not often easy. But if we want our relationships to survive, we must put a little effort into “keeping the fires burning.” When we don’t, we can find ourselves in the doghouse for extended periods of time.

Ever since the dawn of time, people (mostly men) have been in the doghouse.  Imagine how much trouble Adam would have been in if he had not eaten that apple!  He might have had to spend the night (or several) in the dogasaurus cave! But that’s another story….

For as long as I can remember, people (mostly men) have been coming into my florist and saying “Help, I’m in the doghouse.”  In fact, I can remember the very first time a customer said that to me, I replied, “No problem, we specialize in doghouse repairs.”

And so began what would one day become a national holiday. Now Get out of the Doghouse DAy is not really a celebration.  I mean how could it be?  Its more of an observance. Because most of the time people (mostly men) are looking for something to “smooth things over.”  While flowers can certainly help get back in the intended’s good graces, it is easier to be forgiven when the offender is remorseful, sincere and he (or she) ads a dash of romance.

Now, I’m not suggesting you BEG Forgiveness (unless the situation warrants it), I am suggesting that bringing home a bouquet and being open to talking it out will give you a better chance of “getting out of the doghouse.”

In 2002 my staff and I conducted a survey and a majority of women said that although they preferred to talk about their troubles, they also thought flowers were a romantic way to ask for forgiveness. For men the answer was much simpler. They prefer make-up sex. Maybe adding a petals around the house and on the bed would satisfy both!

While the third Monday in July is designated as Get out of the Doghouse Day and July is globally recognized as Doghouse Repairs Month, remember that any time you are in the Doghouse, consider sending flowers.

This Year Get out of the Doghouse Day is on Monday, July 17th!

So next time you are in the doghouse think of flowers as a start… flowers suggest romance and let’s face it, romance is what most people (mostly women) really want.

So next time you are in the doghouse, bring home a bouquet and a willingness to talk things out and you could find yourself out of the doghouse and back in the Main House.

To everyone who loves someone, I dedicate “101 Ways to Stay Out of the Doghouse” to you. – Heidi Richards Mooney (author of Romance on a Budget ~ 199 Cheap Thrills, Romantic Antics and Love-changing Experiences)

1 – Give her/him flowers for no special reason, just because you love


2 – Plan a specific night each week or each month for a special date.

Make it a priority and don’t break it.

3 – Take out a “love” ad in a local newspaper.

4 – Act like children, run through the sprinklers together or take a walk in the rain.

5 – Write “I love you” in chalk on the sidewalk or driveway of your home.

Read the rest of the 101 Ways to Stay Out of the Doghouse and Create Your ROMANCE on a BUDGET (FREE pdf download)

And be sure and order flowers for that someone special.  –After all, Eden Florist specializes in “doghouse repairs, and our boss is the creator of National Get out of the Doghouse Day!

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