Baby showers are hosted to celebrate the coming of the newest member of your family. For the mother-to-be – be it your first, second, third or even fourth time to have a baby – this is a great way to celebrate the birth, spend time with your familyand friends and even take your mind off of the anticipation of giving birth.

Here is a checklist of the things that you should do when planning for a baby shower:

1. Place one person in charge of the event.

This may be a relative, a close friend, the grandmother – whoever is the closest to the mom-to-be. Having one person in charge of the planning will make things run more smoothly.

2. Decide on the date.

Most baby showers are held on the last trimester of pregnancy. However, it still depends on the date when it is most convenient for the parents and the visitors. When finalizing the date, it is better to schedule it on a weekend so that the visitors and the child’s parents would not have to worry about work.

3. Finalize the venue.

If you are planning a small reception, you can hold the baby shower at a mother or close family, members home.  If your reception is on the larger scale, find a venue suitable to those who will be travelling and will be the most appropriate for the type of party you envision.  It could be a park, a recreation center, a restaurant or a hall.

4. Send out invitations.

Now that you have decided on the time, date and place where the baby shower will be held, you may start mailing the invitations.

This is also a good time to decide on the ‘theme’ of the baby shower, which can be carried thru on the invitations. . Be sure to let the people invited know about the date at least two to four weeks or more in advance of your event so your invited guests can add it to their schedules.

5. Finish planning for the baby shower by deciding on the food you will serve, as well as décor (including flowers and party favors). This is also a good time to decide what you will give guests as a thank you gift for attending.

Once you have all these details worked out, its time to sit back and have fun. Knowing you have done all you can to plan for the day, will help you relax and enjoy your guests.

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