Is it enough to get a simple gift and say thank you, or is there something more to really appreciating your best men?

These are lifelong friends, brothers, supporters, and the good guys who’ve helped you with this day in so many ways.

They deserve gifts that are unique, that say a lot, and that you hand-picked for them. Gifts that are affordable, but look expensive. Gifts that are creative, but not DIY because . . . who has time for that?

This is 2020, and we are all busy, working at least one job, dealing with family, lists, budgets, pre-wedding plans, post-wedding plans.  I mean, we’re exhausted aren’t we? I am. So, we are doing what everyone does in 2020.

We are shopping online.

You know there’s a world out there–creative ideas, new stuff, interesting thoughts on what your groomsmen will love, and most of it is online. You can reach the far edges of the world with just a little Google search!

So lunch breaks at your desk. . .

Little glances on your phone while waiting for your coffee. . .

Burning your eyes with a bright screen while everyone in the house is asleep . . .

That is how you’re going to buy your creative groomsmen gifts.  So, let’s see if I can help you find a way to tell your best men that they’re your best men.

Beard Care Set

How hipster are your boys? Do they wear flannel with skinny jeans?  Do they talk about craft beer and ride their bicycles to work? Do they have impeccably cared-for beards?

Should they?

The look right now for many guys is the perfectly cared for beard. And, let’s be honest, it’s pretty sexy. Rawr. So, help them prevent Mountain Man Joe from appearing, and instead make this beard a little more yasss.

The kit comes with natural beard oil, beard balm, trim scissors, trimmer, solid pinewood beard comb, and horse hair brush.  The balm is enriched with organic oils that keep your beard from getting that horrible, dry, flaky thing (and that likely doubles one’s chance of getting kissed by a bridesmaid). All of that! And, it comes in a big manly dark wood box.

While not personalized, it is personal, and kind of cool, especially if you hang with a very bearded crew. You can find out much more (like how to get one) at

Personalized Game-Used Baseball Bat Pen with Leather Case

What? A pen? (you might be asking yourself).  This is not just any pen, though, this pen is made from an actual game-used wooden baseball bat!

Crazy, right? It’s so cute for a sports fan who can’t wait for the chance to have someone ask about his pen. Not only is the pen made out of baseball bat wood, but it can be engraved with up to 12 letters.

These letters could be the full name, name and date, nickname. . . it’s up to you! But if you have baseball fans in your wedding, what could be more creative?  Yes, you can get engraved baseball bats, but this is SO much easier to get home on the plane.

Or even in the car, really.

The specs: Twist open pen measures approx. 5.5″ long. Gunmetal hardware. Standard Parker ballpoint refill. Bats are from various levels of baseball player–from little league to professional ball! And each pen, as the website says, is “individually hand turned and finished”.

Oh, it all comes in a personalized faux-leather box. So no wrapping required. Maybe just a bow.

If you want to find out more about it, you can visit

Personalized Gift Set Including a Beer Mug, Bottle Opener, Army Knife, and Keepsake Gift Box

When I first saw this set, I thought, “What an odd little collection.” But now, looking at it, I see it’s kind of a one-stop-shop for everything manly. This set includes a swiss army knife, bottle opener, and beer mug.

It’s like its own Who’s the Most Interesting Man in the World? Commercial!  Your best men are ready to pour themselves a frosty mug of high quality beer and then who knows? That trusty Swiss army knife could lead to fixing someone’s glasses, opening a box, or fighting a rabid squirrel while camping.

It’s good to be prepared, right? It’s, at the very least, the Boy Scout way.

At the very least–this is a very high-end looking gift. The glass is etched with the groomsmen’s names, actually, everything features his name, and has a practical use as well.  It says something like, “I see you. You’re always taking care of things. Hope you have time for beer!”

If this is calling out to you, you can browse Groomsmen Gift Source and check it out.

Groomsmen Cartoon Beer Mug

Okay, speaking of beer, how cute are these??? If you go to this website, you will notice that the reviews all say that these personalized beer mugs are actually just as amazing as they look.

You can send photos of each groomsman (they prefer several of each), and the company will draw a caricature,, just like you see here, with their name on a little banner below. Then, they even send you a digital file, so you can share it on social media!

Because, as we all know, if you didn’t share it on social media, it didn’t happen.

This is available in 16 oz frosted mug or 18 oz beer stein. It will be such an amazing conversation starter at the reception, people may actually stop talking about the wedding itself!

At $45.99, it’s a pricey beer stein–but then again, they’d never have to get another!  You can just hop on over to and read more about it if you’re curious.  Their description is pretty cute.

Personalized 17″ Canvas Laptop Bag With Cross Strap – Black

These very practical bags are including on this list for just that reason. Not only are they practical, but you can dramatically change the color or font, or color of lettering (there are about a dozen choices) so each of your groomsmen can appear to be getting something very different.

The canvas travels really well, and is surprisingly easy to clean, so it’s great for students, or those who travel frequently on business and need to carry a laptop.

This gift is also great for Junior Groomsmen. Sometimes it can be hard to find something fully appropriate for teens (or younger) who’ve been recruited to don the suit for the day.  This is a nice, useful bag that they can pull out at school or in any travel situation.

The bag is big enough to fit a laptop computer, but also has pockets, a front enclosure, short handle and long strap. It’s compact look makes it easy to fly with as well.

If you want to read more about it, you can visit

It’s not as hard as you think to find perfect groomsmen gifts–but the best idea is to save yourself time and money and get a great set of online gifts that they’ll remember.  Trying to buy individually, or even create a gift will eventually get you in that state of wedding insanity where everything gets more attention than it really needed.

Tell these guys they’re your best men in one simple nod, and they’ll get it, that’s why they’re the best