Would you like to learn how to create an arrangement of your own?

Well now you can! Here is a brief tutorial on Flower Arranging that can help even the novice designer feel like they know what they are doing:

Start with a Single Flower

A single flower is a beautiful flower. While a single rose or other flower in a bud vase is always elegant, you can use single blooms in a wide variety of places in many different ways. You can place single blooms in tiny vases and containers, float smaller blooms in wineglasses, teacups, or other small containers, and float larger blooms in bowls or other wide containers. Sometimes a single bloom can be the most elegant and distinctive arrangement in a room full of other arrangements.

Fill a room or even several rooms full of single flower arrangements. They are simple, elegant, and in when it comes to orchids and other expensive flowers, easy on the budget.

Finding the right container Flowers are unique and the containers used to make them can be as well. You can choose vases, baskets, ceramic pots, compotes or mixing bowls all work. Consider any open container for holding flowers. Even items that won’t hold water can be used as vases simply by placing a smaller vase, bottle, or other container inside it.

Always cut flowers with a sharp knife or pair of scissors. A sharp edge is needed to make a sharp even cut that will allow water to enter the flower stems. A ragged edge actually inhibits water and food absorption and your flowers will l not last as long.

Keep your flowers in a cool location.

A beautiful bouquet of flowers in a sparkling crystal vase set in a sunny location, is oh, so pretty and inspiring, However, your flowers won’t last long at all in such a warm environment. The cooler the location, the longer your flowers will last. Keeping flowers away from direct sunlight, large lights, heating vents, heaters, active fireplaces, stoves, on top of the television and even appliances will help them last longer. If you must keep an arrangement in a warm location change the water frequently using very cold water and even add an ice cube or two to the arrangement every so often to make your flowers will last longer.

The Fragrance of Flowers.

It is important to keep the scent of flowers in mind when you are making arrangements. I have heard horror stories about flowers and entertaining where scented blooms have put a damper on the event. For instance, you may be have attended a dinner party and the table centerpiece was so strongly scented that every dish tasted like the flowers, or worse – the party guests made sick by the strong scents of gardenias or lilies in a small or hot room. One thing you can do to alleviate the smell of flowers is by spraying them with FEBREEZ – a solution you can buy at your local supermarket.

Check water levels frequently.

Think of your flower arrangements like pets. They need fresh water (every day).

You don’t have to be a designer to create a work of art. Remember the old saying that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder?” Each person has a different style and taste when it comes to “art.” My rule of thumb is that if you like the arrangement, and it makes you happy, it is indeed a work of art.

This simple step-by-step guide will help you create your own work of art for your table, your foyer, your next dinner party!

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