Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and finding that perfect gift can be a challenge. Polly, an AI tool powered by Advanced Symbolics Inc. (ASI), found out the top 5 gifts women and men want for Valentine’s Day so you don’t have to guess.

Ths year, ASI, an artificial intelligence-driven market research company, used its AI tool Polly to determine the most requested gifts for Valentine’s Day by women and found that men are likely to suggest dinner out or get tickets to a concert or event. Both sexes agree that romance is equally as important rounding out at number 4.

Here are some of those results:

  • “Chocolate is the most requested Valentine’s Day gift among women, although a significant other may not see it that way. Overwhelmingly, women say they want chocolate, especially chocolate covered strawberries, but chocolate cookies and other treats will do.
    Men; however, are just as likely to suggest dinner out. Wining and dining the woman in his life is second on his list of Valentine’s gifts, but third on hers. Instead, she would prefer flowers.
  • “Both sexes agree on romance and rate this number 4 about equally.”
  • “Rounding out the top 5 gifts are tickets to concerts and other events. Men are more likely to think of this gift than women because, from their perspective, it is a way to spend time together doing something both can enjoy.”
  • “Women may also just want to be surprised –a fancy night out or luxury goods aren’t needed, so doing something out of the ordinary for that special someone may be all it takes. This also goes hand in hand with an increase in homemade gifts and simple gestures as many people are eschewing the commercial aspect of Valentine’s Day and opting for non-consumerist options.”
  • “Jewelry is not as popular as people would think. Jewelry is almost last — just more popular than the old standby of a simple card. But don’t be fooled by this number, even though 1 in 20 men are contemplating jewelry, they will spend many times more than a box of chocolates for such a fancy bauble. Despite the small popularity, jewelry is the largest category based on spend.”
  • “The key takeaway is that women want flowers and chocolates from their significant other. And for men, they just want to spend quality time with their significant other and will purchase chocolates and gifts because that’s what makes them happy.”

source: Kenton White, Chief Scientist, ASI