Flowers have always been a part of nearly every culture in the world. Some types of flowers, like the lotus, bear significance in religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism. Other types of flowers are revered by many a poet and scholar. Indeed, there is a flower type that serves as a reflection of a person or a group’s goals and aspirations.

A flower is a lovely product of a plant. It is serves both an aesthetic and practical purpose. Besides making a plant look attractive, the flower also plays an important role in the plants ability to reproduce.

Different types of flowers reproduce in many different ways. Some types of flowers reproduce from bulbs while others grow from cuttings. Still, others grow from seeds. There are types of flowers that are perennials. Hence, they do not have to replanted every year. There are also annual types of flowers, or those that bloom once every year. There are even types of flowers that are edible. The variety is endless.

When you give flowers to your loved ones on special occasions like a birthday or wedding or even on ordinary days that you felt were special because of how you felt for that person, the flowers aren’t just pretty things of different shades and color. They have meanings, too, depending on the types of flowers.

Each flower has a corresponding language, whether expressing romantic feelings, jealousy, gratitude, admiration, or celebration a momentous occasion.

Below are our selecton of flowers and what they mean:

* Alstroemeria – friendship
* Amaryllis – splendid beauty
* Anemone – anticipation
* Anthurium – hospitality
* Aster – patience
* Birds of Paradise – joyfulness
* Bouvardia, Double – enthusiasm
* Blue Violet – faithfulness
* Carnation – pride and beauty
* Chrysanthemum – cheerfulness in old age; fidelity
* Delphinium – heavenly
* Freesia – innocence
* Forget-me-not
* Gladiolus – strength of character
* Great Yellow Daffodil – chivalry
* Heather – admiration
* Holly – Am I forgotten?
* Hyacinth – constancy
* Hydrangea – heartfelt
* Indian Jasmine – attachment
* Ivy – marriage
* Iris – I have a message for you; My compliments
* Larspur – levity
* Lilac – youthful innocence
* Lily – majesty
* Orchid – a belle
* Pansy – thoughts
* Peony – bashful
* Pink Carnation – woman’s love
* Pink Rose – indecision
* Purple Lilac – first emotions of love
* Queen Anne’s Lace – sanctuary
* Ranunculus – radiant
* Red Rose – love
* Red Tulip – declaration of love
* Snapdragon – desire
* Statice – remembrance
* Stock – lasting beauty
* Sunflower – pure thoughts
* Sweet Pea – delicate pleasure
* White Daisy – innocence
* White Rose – I am worthy of you
* Yellow Rose – Friendship
* Yellow Iris – passion
* Zinnia – thoughts of absent friends

While this is not a complete list of flowers, it encompasses the most well-known flowers. It will give you a glimpse of the the types of flowers, the meaning they portray and what they say to the recipient.  Flowers can truly help you second that emotion, especially when mere words are not enough.


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