Congratulations!  Finding that special person to spend your life with is one of the greatest  experiences you will have in this lifetime.  However, saying “Yes” is only the beginning of a lifetime together. The next few months will be some of the most challenging times you will experience before your “Big Day.”  Shopping for a wedding dress, deciding where to get married, whom to invite, and where to go on your honeymoon will add to the challenge.  Decisions, decisions; making the right decisions for yourself will undoubtedly involve time and lots of planning.

Today we lead such fast-paced, complex lives we rarely have the time to think, let alone plan an elaborate wedding.  Therefore, planning and setting goals are crucial to fulfilling the cherished memories this event will create.

There are so many choices when it comes to weddings that the saying “anything goes,” really does apply.   The “magic” certain traditions create in achieving the perfect affair cannot be denied. Respecting those traditions  and incorporating those customs  into weddings add  a feeling of joy  to the “Big Day.”  And yet each of us wants to be unique, even initiating our own traditions. This book is filled with traditions, ideas, etiquette and forms to help you plan the perfect wedding to remember. To simplify your planning process, there is a CD that accompanies this book filled with the forms included in the last chapter (chapter 10).  You can pop them in your computer and print them out or if you prefer, or you can simply make copies of the forms found in Chapter 10.

I wrote this book to help brides and wedding planners plan the perfect wedding without having to search all over the internet to find ALL the answers. They are all in one place! It is my hope that inside the pages of this ebook, you will discover ways to create your own traditions, and celebrate your “Big Day”  the way that best reflects your unique personalities.

To grab your copy of this 116 page ebook, send your name and date of wedding to Flowers(at) with “My Big Day” Book in the subject line.  Below is a screen shot of the table of contents (what’s inside the wedding planning book- Completely Revised – 2nd edition):