Bells of Ireland come from the Labiatae (mint) family they have been used as aromatic herbs. Their botanical name is molucella laevis. Their meaning “Good Luck,  Luck be With You, You will Have Good Luck” makes them a favorite flower for Saint Patty’s Day and any occasion when a celebration is in order. First cultivated in Belgium in the late 1500’s Bells of Ireland are available year round.  The flowers are dainty white bell-shaped buds surrounded by luscious green foliage.

What you may not know is that Bells of Ireland don’t actually grow in Ireland. They come from Syria and other eastern Mediterranean countries.  Their name comes from the luscious green shade of its leaves and are often used in Saint Patricks’s Day arrangements.

These hearty flowers can last 2 weeks or longer when given proper care and handling.

They are considered a noble flower and mix well with tropical and exotic flowers, go well in vase arrangements and other bouquets where height is a must.  They are a perfect complement to purple flowers and orange too. These elegant, flowers make an impressive statement in any floral bouquet.

The stems of Bells of Ireland have tiny prickly thorns and gloves are recommended when caring for them.
Because of its pleasant fragrance Bells of Ireland are also used as a perfume. These flowers are phototropic which means they bend towards the light.

Bells of Ireland have hollow stems and can be dried and used in vases and decorative pots and baskets in the home.  To keep their shape, insert a #18 heavy wire into the stem after drying. Bells of Ireland can also be used to create fragrant pomanders, either dried or fresh and.

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