“Every day I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richest people in America. If I’m not there, I go to work.”


Bosses Days was the brainchild of  Patricia Bays Haroski. She created the “holiday” in honor of her father whom she worked for at the time. She was an employee at State Farm Insurance Company in Deerfield, Ill  In 1958, through her efforts Haroski approached the United States Chamber of Commerce to register the holiday in a demonstration of her respect for her boss-father.

October 16th was the day she chose because it was her father’s birthday and she felt it would best exemplify her feelings and those of her co-workers, his employees. She felt this would lead to other employees in other companies also recognizing their bosses.  Four years later Otto Kerner, Governor of Illinois declares October 16th as National Boss Day. Soon other states across the country followed and today Bosses Day is a Nationally recognized holiday.

Today, Boss’s day is recognized as the day to improve the employee-supervisor/boss relationship where employees recognize the difficulties and pressure that the boss has to face on a daily basis running the organization.  (Gerbera Greetings and Best Boss Bouquets are featured for BOSS’S DAY)

Flowers are a perfect way to commemorate and thank a good boss. Flowers have the ability to raise someone’s mood, as they have an emotional appeal very few gifts can draw out of someone. Flowers are a part of many celebrations including other national holidays so it makes sense to give flowers or plants to a deserving, respected boss.

Did you know that even men like flowers? In fact, although men traditionally send flowers they seldom get them from others. It makes sense that if they send them, they must like flowers.  And today flowers are considered an acceptable and welcome gift for almost any occasion. Of course on the rare ocassion your boss does not like flowers, there are a variety of plants and even gourmet gift baskets that can convey the feelings of respect and admiration you have for her or him. Flowers are also a perfect choice gift for the boss who “has everything.”

And there are a wide variety of flowers available today, there is sure to be a flower or theme to make even the most discriminating person smile. Flower choices include alstromeria, gerbera daisies, lilies, roses, carnations, larkspur, sunflowers and daisies among others. You can choose a hand tied bouquet, a whispy free flowing arrangement, tropical flowers, a garden bouquet, exotic flowers ~ something striking and unique.  There is sure to be a style to please any taste. So, go ahead and treat your boss to a beautiful bouquet of fresh  flowers to make the day even more special.

“I’ve met a few people in my time who were enthusiastic about hard work. And it was just my luck that all of them happened to be men I was working for at the time.”

Bosses Day Trivia:

• The term “Boss” was used in English for the first time in the year 1625.

• In the  50’s, the the term ‘boss’ carried a different connotation and was a “slang” term that often meant great, first-rate or topnotch.

• The word boss originated from the Dutch word “baas”, meaning “a master” and was the common title given to the ship’s captain

• ‘Boss’ is another name for a cow or calf.

“After many years of trying to find steady work, I finally got a job as a historian, until I realized there was no future in it.”