Need some inspiration for how to make someone smile? Or who to make smile? Florists around the country (and here too) are filling orders and sending flowers to brighten someone’s day.  How about you? Who’s day could you brighten with flowers. Could it be someone you love, or even a total stranger?

If you need inspiration about who could use a lift this week, here is my list of 21 people & places to send a SMILE and get one in return:

1. Hospital information desks

2. Hospital Volunteers

3. Hospice Workers (and patients)

4. Nursing Home Residents and Staff

5. Foster Care Center Staff

6. Local Librarian

7. Favorite Grocery Store Clerk

8. Local Toll Booth Operator

9. The local Internal Revenue Office (hey they probably never get flowers)

10. Humane Society Workers

11. Favorite Nonprofit Employee

12. Police dispatchers

13. School Principals

14. School Janitors

15. Night Watchmen (or Women)

16. Referees

17. Factory Workers

18. Funeral Home Staff (they see lots of flowers but probably don’t get any themselves)

19. Air traffic Control Personnel

19. Trash Collectors

21. Customer Service Personnel

And be sure to call Eden Florist to send them for you!