Did you know there is always an occasion to send flowers? According to Chases Calendar of Events, there are more than 13,000 noteworthy holidays, events and celebrations special events, anniversaries, landmarks, phenomena & birthdays around the world. Each year.

At Eden Florist & Gift Baskets, we take holidays very seriously (not really). We do like to highlight a few that our customers might be interested in and want to acknowledge someone with flowers.

So here are a handful of holidays to celebrate in January:

Jan 1
New Year’s Day
Commitment Day
Z Day  Z Day was created “to give recognition on the first day of the year to all persons and places whose names begin with the letter Z and who are always listed or thought of last in any alphabeticalized list.”
Jan 2
National Motivation and Inspiration Day
World Introvert Day – aims to deepen understanding of and appreciation for introverts.
Jan 3
Women Rock! Day, acknowledging that women have made an immense contribution to rock and roll as well, and we honor that contribution. The day takes place on the anniversary of the date in 1987 when Aretha Franklin became the first woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Jan 4
Free Flower Basket Day
Jan 5
Cuddle Up Day
Jan 7
International Programmers’ Day – a day to remember the accomplishments of computer programmers and software developers and to honor them for their work.
Jan 8
Show and Tell Day at Work
Jan 9
National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D.),There are over 900,000 law enforcement officers in the United States, and they are honored on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D.), being shown that the community recognizes the difficulty of their job and supports them as they provide a public service
Jan 10
Houseplant Appreciation Day
Peculiar People Day
Jan 11
Girl Hug Boy Day
Secret Pal Day
Jan 12
International Kiss a Ginger Day On the day, red-haired people—or gingers—are given kisses if they want to receive them.You can also give them flowers!
Jan 13
Make Your Dreams Come True Day
Jan 14
Humanitarian Day
Jan 16
Elementary School Teacher Day is dedicated to all the teachers that help mold young minds during their formative years. It is a day to thank retired and current elementary school teachers for all they have done to help students. And what better way to thank them than with flowers!
Jan 17
Customer Service Day – I think EVERY DAY should be Customer Service Day
National Classy Day – send flowers to someone you know is classy
Jan 18
Get to Know Your Customers Day
Today is a day that businesses work to get to know their customers better.
New Friends Day
Jan 20
National Disc Jockey Day
Jan 21
National Hugging Day
Jan 22
Chinese New Year
Jan 23
Community Manager Appreciation Day
Jan 24
National Compliment Day – send a compliment with flowers
National Just Do it Day
Jan 26th
National Spouses Day – You don’t really need a special day to send flowers to your spouse, but if you did, National Spouses Day is the day to do it!
Jan 27
National Activity Professionals Day
National Fun at Work Day
Jan 28
Daisy Day –  Daisies symbolize purity, innocence, simplicity, virtue, and patience, and are seen as being the flower of children. They are commonly used to make garlands called daisy chains.
Thank a Plugin Developer Day
Jan 29
National Carnation Day—also known as Red Carnation Day, or simply as Carnation Day—is set aside to remember President William McKinley, who was born on today’s date, and who was known to be fond of carnations.

In addition to the daily holidays, January has been named the following monthly celebrations:

Be Kind to Food Servers Month
Book Blitz Month
Celebration of Life Month
Financial Wellness Month
Get A Balanced Life Month
Get Organized Month
International Creativity Month
International New Years Resolutions Month for Businesses
International Quality of Life Month
National Be On-Purpose Month
National Hot Tea Month
National Mail Order Gardening Month
National Mentoring Month
National Volunteer Blood Donor Month
Self-Love Month
Worldwide Rising Star Month

Of course EVERY DAY is a perfect day to send flowers…