Whether you are planning your wedding for the very first time or have been through this in a “previous life, always remember that it’s your wedding. Today, unless you adhere to strict religious or social traditions, you can do just about anything you want.  You can wear something borrowed, have your father give you away and even wear white. You can have a traditional wedding, something that defies all tradition or anything in between. How you show your commitment to one another is very personal and should reflect who you are together. After all, it’s your big day!  

Here are 7 Tips to help you plan your wedding, your way:

Plan your BIG DAY together.  Discuss how you would have done things differently and what you wish you had included. Maybe you wanted to have a wedding on the beach but your budget or location would not allow it.  Second marriages are perfect for planning destination weddings.

Get your families involved.   If either or both of you have children, find thoughtful ways to include them in your big day. Have them say a few words or read a special passage during your ceremony. Children can hand out programs before the ceremony, be flower girls, ring bearers, bridesmaids, and groomsmen. They can be maids of honor, best men, and even give a toast at the reception.

Invite family members to get more involved in the planning. You might want their help with seating arrangements, menu planning, color selection, whatever will lighten your load and get them involved.  You can even ask a family member to officiate over your ceremony.

Make it different from any previous wedding.  If you got married on the lawn of a grand estate or in an “Elvis Chapel” in Las Vegas, you probably don’t want to repeat that experience. While you may consider some of the elements that made your first wedding memorable, keep in mind that there will likely be guests who attended “that” wedding.  Give them something new to remember, that truly reflects the partnership you are now embarking upon.

Get Creative – While white is always in style for a wedding gown even when it’s not your first time around, remember it’s your wedding. You can wear any color you choose!  

Get formal, or not.  Sit-down dinners are great but consider a buffet with carving stations and food stations with foods that reflect your style, lifestyle, and guest preferences.  

Host a cocktail reception in an unusual place (like a rooftop or well-known locale).  

A theme wedding is not out of the question. Love Mexican food (or Chinese or Italian)? Even if its not part of your cultural upbringing, a food-themed wedding can be fun and inviting.  You can even ask your guests to “dress the part.”   

Make sure your invitations reflect who will be hosting the wedding.  If you and your partner are hosting (code for paying for), phrase your invitations in a way that makes sense – such as “together with their parents (or families)… invite you to …”  Or list your children as the hosts giving their parents away.  Your invitation can be formal or casual depending on your personality and venue…

To Register or Not?  Even if you have been married before, there is no rule that says you cannot have a wedding registry. Have all the china and other first-wedding accoutrements? Consider a honeymoon registry. Or home-improvement fund as your wedding registry.  Or something altogether different such as inviting your guests to donate to a favorite cause or local charity.

Invite guests to a Surprise Event.  If you really want to throw people off and avoid all those second wedding questions, throw a surprise party. Select a date and venue.  Invite guests to attend your “party” stressing how much you really want them to be there. Be sure to include suggested attire – you don’t want your guests to be embarrassed by showing up in blue jeans to a formal affair.   And if it’s a theme-oriented event, they will appreciate knowing what to wear, should they choose to do so.

Write Your Own Vows. Chances are if you have been through a wedding ceremony and reception before, your first wedding was more traditional with someone reciting vows to you and the audience (repeat after me). Take this opportunity to write something more personal that reflects where you and your partner are in life, what you expect from your marriage and partner, what you want the future to hold.

If you want your partner to tell you “I love you” every day or leave you love notes add that to your vows. If one is taller than the other, include a phrase such as “and I promise to reach for all the out of reach things…” If one of you likes to fold clothes include that in your vows. Make it personal And fun.  

Ask for what you want and expect. And share what you want to “give” to your partner. These are the things that express love in a very personal and meaningful way.

Remember, it’s your BIG DAY!

If you are planning a second wedding, see what Eden Florist has to offer. We will help you make your wedding a perfect reflection of you and your partner in a tropical paradise you and your guests will enjoy and remember for a lifetime.