When ordering anniversary flowers, whether celebrating your 1st anniversary, the anniversary of that first date, or you 50th anniversary, or another type of annivesary, flowers are a wonderful expression of the feelings you wish to express for someone you love, or for yourself. ebrating that important date.

When ordering flowers to commememorate this imporatnt date, there are a few important things toconsider. Before you place that order, ask yourself:

* Who is the recipient?
* What is your relationship with him or her?
* Where do you want the anniversary flowers to be delivered?
* Will you be sending the anniversary flowers to someone’s home? To the office? Some place special?
* What flower captures best the occasion and your sentiment perfectly?

The Meaning of Flowers

You probably know by now that flowers have several different meanings. They are not just things of beauty. They are also a means by which you can communicate what you truly feel. So choose and buy anniversary flowers that say what you really mean!

Show your “devotion” to your beloved by sending her or him a bouquet of alstromerias. Or you could send in sunflowers as a “symbol of your love”, baby’s breath for “happiness”, and stargazer likies to tell him/her that s/he is “your only one”.

Carnations have varied meanings. Pink means “I’ll never forget you”, red means “my heart aches for you”, and white means “innocence” or “pure love.”

If you want real variety, the rose, a popular anniversary flower, has meanings that could confuse you. From colors to the number of blooms in a bouquet, roses are truly the traditional flowers to use when telling someone how you feel.

* Single Full Bloom – I love you
* Bouquet of Mature Roses – gratitude
* Rosebud – beauty and youth
* Thornless Rose – love at first sight
* Peach Rose – desire and excitement
* Pink Rose – perfect happiness, please believe me
* Red Rose – love, I love you, passion
* Red and White Rose – unity, humility
* White Rose – innocence and purity, I am worthy of you
* Yellow Rose – friendship, honor (this could also mean jealousy, competitiveness)

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