The 3rd Monday in July is recognized annually as Get Out of the Doghouse Day®.

To set the record straight, I created the actual holiday. Sometime in early 1999 a customer came into my shop and handed one of my designers a credit card. He said, “help, I’m in the doghouse” – can you get me out?
I heard him and said, no problem, we specialize in ‘doghouse repairs…’
That started my quest to find a way to make it a national holiday. Mostly for fun and yes to promote my business.  I got several local and state proclamations  confirming the day,  created a survey that more than 1000 people responded to (no small fete in 1999), was written up in hundreds of magazines and newspapers, acknowledged by Chases Calendar of events and most of all,  created awareness for a day that should be celebrated every day… a day to FORGIVE – and the rest is history!

At Eden Florist we think every day should be reason to STAY out of the Doghouse. So we have compiled this list of 10 ways to keep you in the good graces of your significant other. If you get in the doghouse, we can help with flowers (however, keep in mind they only work when you send them right away and your mate has a forgiving heart).

10. Always remember, a closed mouth gathers no foot.

9.   When your significant other says he/she’s upset, never answer with “You’re overreacting.”

8.   If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.

7.   During a disagreement, never nod and start looking at your watch.

6.   There are two theories to arguing with women. Neither one works.

5.   If someone has to get the “last word,” let it be the other person.

4.   Follow the Platinum Rule – Treat your significant other the way they want you to treat them, only better.

3.   Say “I Love You” on a regular basis.

2.   Always remember birthdays, anniversaries, valentine’s day, and other significant dates.

1.   Send flowers for no special occasion.

Get Out of the Doghouse Day® is a Registered Trademark of Heidi Richards Mooney. Permission is granted to use as long as a link to is included.

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