Did you know?

More than 100 million roses are sold at Valentine’s Day. Of cut flower purchases, Valentine’s Day ranks #1, making it the number one holiday for many florists.

Of Valentine’s floral purchases, 64% are made by men and 36% by women. What are they buying?

78% Cut flowers
15% Flowering houseplants
5% Outdoor bedding and garden plants
2% Green plants
Of cut flowers purchased, 45% are roses, 34% mixed flowers, 13% carnations, and 8% other single flower types. Of roses purchased, 74% are red, 10% pink, 5% peach/salmon, 3% yellow, 2% white, 4% mixed colors, 2% other. For whom are they buying?
84% wife/significant other
4% friend
5% mother
3% daughter
5% other
24% mother
19% husband/significant other
13% daughter
14% self
12% friend
6% parents
2% grandmother
1% sister
9% other

According to the National Retail Foundation, people spend an average of approximately $196 for Valentine’s Day, with men spending around $291 compared to women spending $106.

The Act of giving Valentine’s Day flowers dates back to the 17th century.

While giving red roses is today considered the ultimate romantic gesture, it wasn’t until the late 17th century that this became a popular custom. It seems the Language of Flowers was likely the inspiration for the beginning of this tradition. King Charles II of Sweden while in a trip to Persia learned of the “language of and then introduced the tradition to Europe. The act of giving flowers went on to become a way to show affection during the Victorian Era — including on Valentine’s Day — with red roses symbolizing deep love.

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