Modern-day Valentine’s Day is typically celebrated by children of North America with the passing out of Valentine’s notes to one’s grammar school classmates. Many teachers host arts-and-crafts themed projects leading up to Valentine’s Day. One school custom which has endured for generations is the making of a Valentine “mail box” out of an empty shoe box or tissue box. Of course, the box is meant to hold your stash of Valentine’s Day cards from classmates.

Adults celebrate Valentine’s Day by exchanging purchased or homemade cards or letters, going out to dinner together, or preparing a special dinner at home that consists of the loved one’s favorite foods. Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates continue to be a popular choice in Valentine’s Day gifts, though it is not unheard of for a special lady to receive a piece of jewelry on the Day of Love.

Simple, thoughtful gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

Homemade, natural soaps

Shaving kit

Photo frames, albums or collages

A personalized mug – painted, or with a special photo printed on

Skincare or bath products

Massage oils

Essential oils

Barbecue set

Cook’s apron with funny saying printed on

Crafting supplies such as a painting kit or crocheting project

Scented beeswax candles

Small puzzle or game

Valentine’s Gifts – Homemade from the Heart

Homemade cookies, muffins or other type of treat

Knitted scarf or hat

Beaded necklace or bracelet

Hand-drawn portrait or caricature

Mini scrapbook of memories

And of course, flowers!

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