Both Men and Women Agree: Men Only Lukewarm in Romance

Though our planet may be warming, America’s romantic climate registers “fizzle” not “sizzle,” according to a recent survey. Only 19% of men rank themselves as a seven or higher on a romantic scale of one to 10. And women agree: Just 19% rate their husband, boyfriend or significant other a seven or more.

The remaining 81% of men rank their romantic temperature anywhere from mild to downright chilly, according to the survey. But each year these men can take advantage of an ideal opportunity to spark a heat wave.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to ignite the romance in any relationship,” said Bruce Anderson, floral consultant for the Society of American Florists (SAF). “It’s a great time for men to step outside their usual routine and explore their passionate side.”

Overcoming Inertia

The survey results suggest many men would rate higher on the romance scale if they simply planned their Valentine’s Day activities before the last minute. When asked how early they prepare for Valentine’s Day, only a third of men said they purchase gifts or make arrangements a week or more in advance. On the other end of the spectrum, 30% wait until Valentine’s Day or the day before to order or purchase gifts for their sweetheart.

“Planning ahead is the best-kept secret of romance, and it’s especially important this year,” said Anderson. “Because Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday, it’s a good idea to order Valentines flowers and make any special arrangements early in the week.”

Men who rank particularly low on the romance scale may want to start warming things up before Valentine’s Day itself. “Sending flowers or other romantic gifts to your Valentine at work on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, is a wonderful way to end the week and keep her smiling all weekend long,” said Anderson. “There’s nothing like a special delivery at the office to make a woman feel appreciated publicly.”

A Little Effort Goes a Long Way

For men, there is good news in the survey results: There are so few red hot Romeos out there that it won’t take much to make yourself stand out from the competition. “With a little planning, you’ll seem positively hot-blooded,” said Anderson. And with some creativity, you can really light a fire.

Tips to make your Valentine feel Extra Special

Plan ahead. Make your dinner or weekend getaway reservations in advance. Call your florist early as well.

Do your to do’s. Make your romantic evening or weekend special and do errands early to avoid being late.

Set the mood. Send flowers to your Valentine a day or two early — to get things started right.

Petal power. For a quick and easy way to create a romantic setting, take rose petals and sprinkle them on your bed or in a bath and add some soft lighting.

Countdown calendar. Build the anticipation with romantic gestures all week long.

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