Before the plans begin, take some time to celebrate with your new fiancé.  This may be the only time the two of you get to share this special once in a lifetime moment before the world knows. Be sure and commemorate this special moment with pictures. Just don’t upload them to social media until you read below. Here are ten things to do to make planning your dream wedding a reality:

 1. Share Your Good News – this is the time to let your family and friends in on the joy you feel. Even if you have not spoken to some in a while, reaching out either in person or with a personal phone call will make everyone feel they are an important part of your lives. Now is not the time to send an email or post a status update. People want to hear the news from you, personally. After you have told your family and close friends, you can announce your engagement via social media.

2. Get your ring insured.  It would be a shame if something happened to one of the most important pieces of jewelry you will receive in your lifetime. Nothing can replace the original, but insurance can help lessen the blow and help you get a suitable replacement. 

3. Set up your website.   Having a wedding website will help you stay organized, plan and document important details, give people a place to check up on news as it happens, find important links to your bridal registry, any pre-parties and all the other details leading up to and including your BIG DAY. You can set it up using free services like​ Wedding Wire and are just a few sites you can use.

4. Sign up for Wedding Registries – it is important to register early. While many people are last-minute gift shoppers, some like to know what you need as soon as they find out you are engaged, that way they can have the best choices of gifts.  Do the gift choosing together.  It will be fun to see what your partner wants and vice versa. Be sure and check the return policies of these stores to help you better plan your registry. List the places you are registered on your newly created website. And be sure and check out Honeyfund – a perfect one-stop wedding registry site where you will find thousands of five-star reviews and its FREE to sign up

5. ​Listen to​ ​one​ ​an​other  What type of wedding do you both envision?  If you are polar opposites when it comes to your dream wedding, its important to talk it out and find some common ground.  What are those things you both want and what can you both live without.  ​Listening to what you both want and don’t want  will save you ​many challenges​ as the planning ensues. 

6.​ Set a date​ If you have not yet set a date, set an approximate or tentative date – do you want to get married in the spring, in the summer, is fall the time of year that makes your heart sing? Did you always envision a winter wedding? Whatever time of year you choose, knowing this will help you as you share the news, start planning and reserve all those things you need and want for your BIG DAY. Some venues require a year or more to be booked, flowers chosen in season are often less expensive than choosing flowers out of season or not available… details, details, details.  Setting a date will help you as you fine tune the details. Once the actual date has been set, send out save the date notices ​;​people need time to plan and add to their calendars to ​be certain they can alttend.​

7. Set your budget. You should have an idea of what you want and can spend. You also need to know who’s paying for what. It​’​s easy to get carried away but it may not be practical.  If you have not saved for your BIG DAY, and your parents don’t have an endless stream of money to help you pay for your wedding, a budget will keep you on track so your costs don’t get out of control.​Ask us for our real time budget tool.​

8. Start collecting ideas – enlist the help of magazines, images, books, blogs, websites, Pinterest, Instagram, television and online media programs about weddings for wedding and reception ideas and inspiration. 

9. You know the WHEN, its time to choose the WHERE.
 Do you want to get married in town? In your hometown (if its not where you currently live)? Have you always dreamed of a destination wedding?   A wedding on the beach, ​by​ the sea,​can be so romantic and inspiring to everyone that a​ttends. Whatever your choice​,​ it​’​s a good idea to start thinking about the where.  ​Ask your planner to help with ideas for venues.Venues can​ get booked quickly and it is the one thing you don’t want to wait too long to book or you may have to settle for a second or third choice.

10. Consider enlisting the help of a Wedding Planner. There are so many details that a  wedding planner can help with and save you time, needless stress and even money. Especially when it comes to destination weddings. A local wedding planner will be familiar with venues, vendors and local traditions and can save you hours of work and cut your destination education in half or more!

As you go through the wedding planning journal, never lose site of why you are getting married in the first place. Be sure to find time to focus on each other. And remember to enjoy the planning. You big day will go by quicker than you expect, the memories you make leading up to your big day will last a lifetime. Make sure they are positive, fun and filled with love and anticipation.

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